Welcome to Oxy-Gene ...breathing for the 21st century

Oxy-Gene is lightweight aluminum dispenser which is the longest lasting variety of its kind. Each dispenser is lightweight, containing oxygen levels between 65-80%, for different product varieties. The result of over five years research and development and from some twenty different suppliers.

  • Lightweight, stylish and packaged in a convenient form
  • Aluminum cylinder containing 20 litres of compressed oxygenated air, providing approximately 10 minutes of breathing time - up to 12 times longer than other competitors
  • Unique flip-up mouthpiece enabling one handed operation – all other competitors require two hands
  • Flow rate of 2 litres per minute - up to 4 times the flow rate of other competitors
  • Refillable - a truly environmentally friendly product, unlike the disposable nature of the competitor product
  • All suppliers meet good ‘Producer Responsibility’

Future product lines will include smaller, longer lasting, flavours and alternative designs for different variety of markets, such as building sites, emergency services and hands free.

Oxy-Gene is a clean and green product, as each cylinder is refillable.


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